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Advanced Heavy Duty TwinSite® for LP Gas Service

8900-B8900 Product Photo


The TwinSite® is a magnetically-driven, variable-resistance sender with potted lead wires. Senders are utilized on mobile applications where direct reading plus an electrical signal to a remote fuel level indicator are required. Models are available to fit all Rochester liquid-level gauges for motor fuel use.

General Information & Features

This 2-wire TwinSite® sender employs a laser trimmed, advanced heavy duty resistance element. The TwinSite® is capable of generating accurate and reliable signals to remote receivers in most common resistance ranges (see the back side for the technical specifications). The standard model of this Twin­Site® comes with the premium harsh environment construction at the price of the previous standard unit.

The dedicated ground path terminal wire eliminates the major reliability fault found in most variable resistance sender designs.

Redundant wiper and collector contacts are used to improve reliability and reduce contact noise. In testing, this unit has greatly surpassed the competitive units in reliability and durability.

The TwinSite® also provides the easiest to read local indication of any TwinSite® sender Rochester has produced. The bright, user friendly dial face is divided into fractional units.

The case is hermetically sealed by ultrasonic heating to melt and fuse the case into one solid piece. This keeps weather out, ensuring “no-fog” readability while greatly extending mechanical life. The seal is a high reliability, no-gasket design. The plastic case is capable of withstanding vibration and shock that would render comparable metal designs useless.

The plastic case is far more resistant to corrosion than any metal-cased version and is capable of withstanding broad variations in temperature. The plastic lens (and the rest of the case) is a special, UV stabilized material.

Electrical connections are sealed with multiple epoxy chambers. The connecting wires are also sealed behind this epoxy barrier. This sealing process prevents sparks or other damage due to both galvanic and electrolytic corrosion, as well as, providing an impervious barrier to road salt.

The sender is mounted onto the Rochester Junior® gauge with #0040-00416 stainless steel dial screws (6 — 32 x 3⁄8"). An additional item available to ensure weatherproof connections from the TwinSite® to the receiver is a heat shrink solder sleeve part number 0025-00495.


Data Sheet

DS-923 Installation Instructions


General Specifications*


-40°F to 176°F, -40°C to 80°C.


0.5 watts maximum.


±5% for all types. (Float gauge errors not included.)


Less than 5% typical.




2% - Typical.

Resistance Change with Temperature

±100° PPM/C.


Tested for mobile applications.

When Ordering Specify:

1. Junior or Snap-on.

2. OHMs @ 'E'.

3. OHMs @ 'F'.

4. Any options or part number.

*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.

Materials of Construction*

Crystal & Case






Contact and Contact Spring

Proprietary multi-fingered construction.

Resistance Element

Proprietary conductve ink.


Painted aluminum.

How to Order**

Range Sender # Notes
0-30Ω P5644s02851
0-90Ω P5628s02537 Old GM

**Other ranges available including 2 & 3 wire voltage output. Contact Rochester Gauges for more information.


WARNING! This sensor is not to be used as the primary means of determining high or low fuel condition. It must not be used in the absence of redundant systems in critical applications where there may be significant safety risk or financial exposure in the event of fuel overfill or fuel exhaustion condition. This sensor is not to be used for tank filling.