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RG1250 Series Thermometer for LP Gas


These 2" [50mm] bimetallic thermometers are commonly used on LP Gas storage tanks, bobtails and transports. They are recommended for use only with thermowelIs.

General Information & Features

The thermometer case, bezel, stem, and nut are constructed of Type 304 stainless steel, and the crystal is of extra-heavy curved glass. The aluminum dial has a white face with large black numbers and graduations for easy readability.


Data Sheet

General Specifications*

Actuation is by means of a highly sensitive bimetal element (dampened to minimize vibration) attached to a pointer. The joints are brazed and the unit is hermetically sealed. Standard features are a 1⁄2" male NPTF connection and dual scale calibration of -70° to 50°C, -90° to 130°F. The accuracy is within 1% of full range. Available stem lengths are 4" [101], 6" [152], 9" [228], and 12" [304].


How to Order**

Part Number Example: RG1250-04004

R = Rear mounted
G = Glass lens
12 = 2" size
50 = 1/2" NPT threaded connection
- = Hyphen
0 = No special features
40 = -50° to 120°F temperature range
04 = 4" stem length

Deviations from standard configuration may be available if justified by quantity.

Materials of Construction*

Case, Stem, Bezel, & Nut

Type 304 stainless steel case.



Sensing Element





Available Temperature Ranges

40 -70° to 50°C
-90° to 130°F

*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.