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Capacitive Probe


These probes are designed for top mounting in measuring cryogenic liquids (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Nitrogen, and Nitrous Oxide). The probe functions in conjunction with an electronic display unit providing on-demand liquid level (percent) in tank.

General Information & Features

Probe and electronic display designed to seal over a wide range of temperatures and pressures while measuring liquid levels with a steady state concept.

All probes are cleaned, packaged, and labeled for Oxygen and Cryogenic Service per CGA G-4.1.

Standard probe length 56" (1422 mm) long can be cut down in field to accommodate various tank depths.

7/8”-14UNF and 3/4”-16UNF connection sizes currently available (other options can be considered).

Simple and robust electronic display with the following features:
- Adjustable, optional low level alarm
- Optional voltage (0.5 - 4.5V) or current (4 - 20 MA) output
- NEMA 4 (IP 65) rated enclosure that is dust tight and weatherproof/water resistant

Electronic display powered by a replaceable lithium battery (5 year shelf life) and can be detached and re-attached to the probe while probe remains installed in tank during service.

The recommended gasket for use under the head is made of encapsulated PTFE and must be ordered separately under part number 0015-01084.


Data Sheet

General Specifications*


Top-mounting only.


-328°F to 158°F, -200°C to 70°C.

Pressure Rating

500 psig (3.45 MPa).

Transportation Vibration

Passes ISTA 3H Spring Steel Truck (52 hours).

Shock Test

Qualified via. Drop Test at 100g.

Leak Test

Passes 2,000 PSIG (13.79 MPa) test.


Accuracy depends upon proper probe sizing and is typically +/-2% of full scale. Accuracy may be less due to variations in liquid temperature. Accuracy may be less for some tank shapes and sizes. Accuracy may be less if tank is not level. Accuracy may be less near empty and full.

U.S. Patent(s)


Materials of Construction*


All wetted components (including head) are stainless steel and PTFE construction.

Electronic Display

Aluminum powder coated (black) enclosure rate NEMA 4
(IP 65) dust tight, weatherproof/water resistant.

Optional Voltage or Current Output Wiring

Red - Power
Black - Ground

White - Signal
Voltage Mode (0.5 - 4.5 V)
Current Mode (4 - 20 mA)

Low Calibration (0.5V or 4mA)

High Calibration (4.5V or 20mA)


*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.


WARNING! This sensor is not to be used as the primary means of determining high or low level condition. It must not be used in the absence of redundant systems in critical applications where there may be significant safety risk or financial exposure in the event of liquid overfill or liquid exhaustion condition. This sensor is not to be used for tank filling.