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Reed Array Fuel Sender

The Reed Array line of fuel senders fit 4” [101.6 mm] to 24” [609.6 mm] tank depths. The sender is designed for top mounting in aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel fuel tanks in all types of applications. It includes special features and protection from corrosion (internal and external to the fuel tank) which makes them the quality standard for the marine industry.

General Information & Features

The Reed Array Sender comes standard with a SAE 5 hole mounting bolt pattern with the lead hole at 12:00 and the float arm at 3:00. The head and support are molded from UV stabilized Acetal and is suitable for medium-duty off-road conditions. The electrical circuit is sealed to protect components from fuel, contaminants, water and the molding-curing process (out-gassing). This Reed Array Sender offers dependable, long-lasting Reed Switch and magnet technology. The sender is suitable for gasoline, ethanol, diesel, bio-diesel and non-potable water.

Industry standard output: 240-30 ohms. The close tolerances held on this series of Reed Array Fuel Level Sender will provide the proper signal for any of the popular 2” [50.8 mm] panel mounted receivers.

Three year limited warranty.


Data Sheet

General Specifications*


Recommended for top-mounting only.


System accuracy depends upon proper sender sizing. Resistance values are 30 ohms ±2% at full and 240 ohms ±2% at empty. System accuracy may depend upon tank shape. System accuracy may be less near full and empty. System accuracy may be less if tank is not level. System accuracy may be less depending upon indicator. This sender is not to be used for filling.


-40°F to 176°F, -40°C to 85°C.


0.5 watts maximum.

Leak Test

Passes 16 psig [1,1 Bar] test.

Fuel Sender Testing

Meets requirements of ISO 10088, ABYC H-24, 33 CFR 183.590 and ISO 8846. Industry test requirements were conducted at an independent laboratory.

Dry Bench Cycling - Empty to Full

5,000,000 cycles.

Vibration Test

6 hours each plane, 4.2 Gms, 24-2,000 Hz.

Shock Test

1,000 cycles @ 25G peak acceleration with 8ms duration.

Fire Test

No loss of gasket seal during 2-1/2 minute fire test.

Ignition Protection Test

50 empty to full to empty cycles in explosive atmosphere without ignition.

Wire Pull Test

10 lbs. without damage.

U.S. Patents

9,116,030; 8,567,244; D668572

Materials of Construction*

Head, & Cover

UV stabilized Acetal.

Body & Pivot

UV stabilized Acetal.


Nitrile rubber.

Material Compliance

RoHS compliant.

Float Rod

Stainless steel.


Stainless steel.

Wiring Harness

18 awg. wires
Black & red PVC insulation.
Optional mounting gasket: Nitrile or Vitron - Please specify.

Optional Resistance Output

0-180 ohms - European Standard.




*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.