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9340-08 / 9343-08 Series

Industrial Fuel Level Sender


Metal or Plastic Fuel Tanks up to 40" Deep (depending on application)
These senders are used on heavy trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction equipment, etc. The 9340-08 Series fuel level sender has been qualified and proven in the most severe off-road service applications.

General Information & Features

Models 9340 (Top Mount) and 9343 (Side Mount) are available for use as variable-resistance senders in numerous resistance ranges. The most common resistive ranges are 0-90 and 240-30 ohms.

The heads on these senders are made of stainless steel which provides resistance to corrosion and a pleasant long-lasting cosmetic appearance.

These senders employ laser trimmed, thick film resistance elements and are capable of generating accurate and reliable signals to remote receivers in all common resistance ranges.

• The contact carrier is isolated from the float arm cross shaft to reduce the effects of dither.

• Massive double-ended bearing design provides maximum support to the pivot arm/float arm subassembly in high vibration and high impact applications.

• Contact force against the ceramic card is closely controlled and unaffected by movement of the float arm due to slosh of fuel.

• Dual silver wiper contacts bridge the ground path and resistance pad circuit (others use coil springs, wire or a pivoting spring-loaded cross stud against the support arm).

• Materials have been carefully selected to minimize the galvanic voltage potential that exists between dissimilar metals thus reducing the potential for galvanic and electrolytic corrosion.

The nitrile rubber or Viton head gasket is available with these senders. Standard configuration with the lead hole at 12:00 has the float arm swing at 3:00. Float arm swings at 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00 are available if specified.

Special precautions are necessary on side-mounted models to avoid leakage around the mounting screws. Blind mounting screw holes in tank flange would completely eliminate this as a potential problem.


Data Sheet

DS-953 Installation Instructions

General Specifications*


Top mounting (9340 Series). Top Mounting (9343 Series).


System accuracy depends upon proper sender sizing. Resistance tolerances are +0%, -3% at empty; +3%, -0% at full. System accuracy may depend on tank shape. System accuracy may be less near full and empty. System accuracy may be less if tank is not level. System accuracy may be less depending upon indicator. This sender is not to be used for filling.


-40°F to 176°F, -40°C to 80°C diesel or gasoline.


SAE, J1810.


SAE, J1810.

Power, Sender

0.5 Watts maximum.

Air Leakage

SAE, J1810.

Salt Spray

SAE, J1810.

Fuel Compatibility

500 hours @ maximum rated temperature.

Hot Diesel Slosh Test

4,000,000 cycles.

Gasoline Rocker Test

1,500,000 cycles.


25,000,000 cycles.

Note: Not suitable for E85 service applications.

Note: For installation instructions see DS-953

Materials of Construction*


Stainless steel.


Stainless steel.

Coil housing and Head Insulator

Injection-molded thermoset plastic.

Terminal Stud, Nut & Washers

Stainless steel. (Sealed pass-thru wire optional.)

Contact Spring

Plated beryllium copper.




Nitrile Ebonite.

Float Rod

Stainless steel.

When Ordering Specify:

1. Furnish sender model number.

2. Specify tank depth and riser height, if any.

3. Specify relationship of float swing to lead hole. (Swing through 3:00 is standard.)

4. Specify Ohm range desired.

5. Always furnish tank drawing if internal baffles or dip tubes are present.

6. Specify any extra cost options desired.
A. Pass-thru wire.
B. Wiring harness with connector.


* Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.