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7600 Series

Stainless Steel, Magnetic Liquid-Level Gauges


Rochester 7600 Series gauges with all stainless-steel construction and a large nickel-plated Alnico magnet are especially suitable for marine applications of bilge oil, hydraulic oil, water and sea water. Where stainless steel construction is not required, use 6900 Series.

General Information & Features

Like all Rochester magnetic, liquid-level gauges, the 7600 Series gauges are built to high standards of instrumentation. Rochester completely seals off the inside liquid from the outside head and dial capsule, thereby eliminating many hazards and also permitting quick dial replacement without losing liquid. Dial capsules are hermetically sealed and vacuum tested to eliminate dial fogging. The dial capsule may be replaced by removing just two screws.

Another superior feature is the rugged gear drive with shrouded stainless steel beveled gear designed to shed or work out any loose particles which might affect action.


Data Sheet


Model # Mounting Dial Gears &
7690 Top Standard 4" [100 mm] dial, direct indicating, fractional reading (standard). Stainless steel gears and bearings (standard). All wet parts stainless steel including float.
7693* Centerline
or Angle

*Available with lever action, optional.

General Specifications*


Top, centerline or angle mounting on 4-1/4" B.C. [107,9mm].


Standard 4" [100 mm] dial — hermetically-sealed, tested in 8" HG vacuum. Made of aluminum with glass crystal standard. NOTE: Lexan material is available optional, 175°F, 80°C max.

Dial Reading

In fractions of total tank volume (standard). Gallonage and special reading optional.


Accuracy depends on proper sizing of gauge and tank configuration . Standard 4" dial equipped gauge, ±3%.

Temperature Range

Standard operating temperature range -50°F to 200°F, -45°C to 93°C.


Tested per MIL-S-901B, Navy standard shock test.


Tested per MIL-STD-167, standard Navy vibration test.

Tank Pressure

0 to 200 psi [0 to 13,7 Bar].

Materials of Construction*

Drive Magnet

Plated alnico.

Center Shaft, Support Tube, Cross Stud, Gear Housing, Bearings , Head, Float, & Rod

Stainless steel.


Buna-N (0015-00422).


Aluminum with glass crystal, hermetically-sealed. Lexan option available.

When Ordering, Specify:

1. Gauge model number.

2. Tank height.

3. Mounting location.

4. State any options.


*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.