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The "One" Gauge® Adjustable Liquid-Level Gauge

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The “One” Gauge® is a magnetically-coupled liquid-level gauge that adjusts in length and accepts a variety of float stem lengths. This feature makes it easy to quickly and economically replace nonfunctional gauges in the field for a large variety of tank sizes. They are UL listed.

General Information & Features

This gauge features a range of adjustable stems which, when mated with an appropriate-length float assembly, enables LP Gas dealers to easily replace the liquid-level gauge in virtually all LP Gas tanks used for domestic storage or mobile applications.

The design utilizes a D-shaped aluminum centershaft which is housed in telescoping aluminum support tubes. An aluminum lock­nut compresses an aluminum locking sleeve to secure the tubes at the required stem length. All other components are of the same materials as standard Rochester LP Gas gauges.

The proper float assembly is attached to the gear housing on the adjustable stem per instructions shown below.


Data Sheet

MS-501/502 Installation Instructions

MS-516 Installation Instructions

Materials of Construction*


Aluminum or brass.

Drive Magnet



Stainless steel.

Pinion-shaft & Support Tubes


Gears, Cross Stud, & Bearings

Stainless steel.

Gear Housing



Nitrile rubber.


Gauges are UL listed for LP Gas service applications.

U.S. Patents

6,523,406; 6,253,609; 6,523,406; 7,219,546


When Ordering Specify:

1. Gauge head size (Jr., Sr., 1 1⁄4" NPTF, or 1" NPTF).

2. Aluminum or brass.

3. Tank diameter shown on nameplate.

4. Mounting location (top, side, end or angle).

5. If the gauge is angle mounted, state the degree of angle above or below the horizontal centerline, or the distance in inches above or below the horizontal centerline to the center of the gauge opening.

6. If the gauge is end mounted, state the shape of the tank head (hemispherical or semi-ellipsoidal).

7. Specify the “H” dimension. This is the distance in inches from the surface of the tank to the top of the mounting surface.

To order a replacement gauge, simply furnish the information stamped on one of the flat sections on the side of the gauge head as shown in the example below.


*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.

Instructions for Assembly

R3G 49S Adjustable Gauge Assembly Instructions