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Mak-Saf Switch

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The electrical safety switch for use in recreational vehicles, transports, trucks, buses, cars, lift trucks and other vehicles for industry, farm and construction. Not designed for marine use. Ensures a no-spark condition, particularly for equipment used in dangerous atmospheres, such as LP transport vehicles. The switch embodies the desirable features listed in NFPA Pamphlet 512, Truck Transportation.

Prevent Battery Drain

For vehicles like RVs and construction equipment left inoperative for long periods of time.


Simply hide the handle in a clever, convenient place.

The signal light on the switch alerts the operator when any electrical accessory has been inadvertently left turned on, or when a short has developed during normal operation.

General Information & Features

A simple way to disconnect the battery or bypass the generator/alternator in an
emergency, or when the vehicle is unattended.

The Mak-Saf® Switch is a UL listed device allowing the isolation of a vehicle’s battery or alternator from the rest of the electrical system by pulling a cable-connected handle.† The switch is UL rated for 20 amps continuous and 125 amps momentary at 12 VDC. The handle can be mounted in the instrument panel or hidden.

† This feature may not apply to alternators with internal regulators and no external field wire.


Data Sheet

General Specifications*

Pilot lamp

Type #57 for 12 Volt. #456 for 24 Volt.


Type SFE-6

Maximum rating

300 Amps for 30 seconds, 100 Amps continuous (Under ideal conditions.)





*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.