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2" Diaphragm-Type Pressure Indicator

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Rochester diaphragm-type pressure indicators are designed for durability under a wide range of severe operating conditions. They have proved their reliability and accuracy for over 40 years by indicating pressures of air, engine oil, fuel, transmission oil, etc. for engines, pumps, compressors, portable generators, hydraulically-operated machinery, and many other demanding applications where other types of indicators fail in short periods of time.

General Information & Features

The key element in these pressure indicators is a metal diaphragm staked and soldered to the case. A rigid stop plate reinforces the diaphragm to help prevent calibration changes or damage to over pressurization or exceptional shock and/or vibration.

The internal components are housed in a black-painted, terneplate-steel case with a glass lens retained by a stainless-steel bezel crimped to the case and sealed with a resilient gasket.

See below for other information on standard construction and other available options at extra cost.


Data Sheet

General Specifications*


Model 2510 - clamp mounted
Model 2610 - direct mounted


±10% of indicated points on the scale


Pointer action is virtually frictionless. Following pressure changes smoothly and positively.


For 50% dial span, over 500,000 cycles. For smaller pressure cycle spans, indefinite life can be expected on most applications.


Normally 100% of indicated scale range.


Not damaged when complete assembly is exposed to temperature of -50°F to 250°F, -45°C to 120°C.

Adverse Environment

Lens and bezel are sealed against rain, ice, sand and dust.


Will withstand up to 10 G's shock without damage.


Suitable for continuous duty under 2 G's, vibration up to 100Hz.


Will tolerate severe pulsation under which other types are likely to fail. (Pulsation dampeners available)

When Ordering Specify:

1. Model number
2. Dial range
3. Details of any non-standard dial. One-time artwork charges may apply.
4. Any options desired (from list)

Other Available Option:

• Unsealed window slots in case
• Attach clamp, nuts & washers
• Omit clamp, nuts & washers
• Individual boxing
• Tape disk over drain hole
• Black arrow-point pointer
• Lexan lens
• Stamp customer part number on case
• Straight pointer
• 0-15 PSI pressure range
• Thread protector
• 1⁄4" NPT bushing
• Black-bezel
• Custom, 2-color dial
• Custom, 3-color dial
• Custom, 4-color dial

Note: Other desired features not listed above may be available depending on quantity. Furnish details and request formal quotation.

Materials of Construction*


Terneplate steel, painted black




Polished stainless steel




Phosphor-bronze, mechanically secured and soft-soldered


White-arrow-point, dampened

Mounting Studs

#10-32 mounting (Model 2510 only)

Drain Hole

6:30 location in case (Foil disk available)

Inlet Connection

1/8" NPTF, with restrictor orifice

Pressure Ranges

From 30 to 200 psi [2 to 13,8 Bar]

Standard Ranges Numbered Divisions
0-30 psi 10 psi
0-50 psi
0-80 psi 20 psi
0-100 psi
0-150 psi 30 psi
0-200 psi 50 psi







*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.